Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We interrupt this broadcast for a special announcement


Okay, yeah, I did that thing where I disappear for weeks. Sorry about that, I kind of got caught up in Doctor Who. However, since I’ve now finished Doctor Who (*sob*), I will resume my Buffy duties, which I do take seriously. Ish.

But. I have decided some things.

I recently met my most favorite unspoiled Buffy reviewer of all time, Mark Oshiro, and it kind of inspired me to branch out a bit. As a consequence of that, I’ve decided that I will, indeed, cover Angel, which… yikes! Especially since I’m nowhere near as well-versed in its metaphors and themes as I am Buffy. But I think it’ll be a good way to hone both my critical eye and my writing skills, so…


Haha, enjoy Bearded Ben Affleck from Chasing Amy. Ah, to be so young again.

Also, more news: I’m gonna go ahead and start another blog. Hopefully, I can sort of link it to this one, à la Mark’s own site. That blog, kiddies, will cover my new obsession:

Yes. I have reached that level of geekiness. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and tremble, because

(Source. Go for a reaction, stay for-fucking-ever.)

So… yeah. I am not planning on having much of a life or sleeping anytime ever. Because when I love, I love completely, and must analyze the things I love to death.

How does my boyfriend cope, I wonder? Wait, I really wonder that. I’m gonna go ask him...

(Next Buffy post will be about The Dark Age, and it will be up tomorrow or the day after. Stay tuned!)

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