Saturday, March 10, 2012

Do the words “sealed” and “fate” ring any bells for you?


The time has come, Buffy; you’ve gotta think about the future. It’s kind of tough to do, because you’ve got a point about the whole “sealed fate” thing, but then, it’s tough not to do because everyone else is thinking about the future.

Including your friends and your mom. Possibly even Giles.

It’s one of those annoying rites of passage things: Career Week. In which you find out what job you could have, if you allowed a stupid test to dictate your entire life based on nonsensical multiple choice questions. It’s like taking one of those online quizzes where you find out what Hogwart’s house you belong in (I got Gryffindor, but I’m totally a Slytherin. YOU KNOW NOTHING, SORTING HAT).

However, Buffy should be thinking long-term, because hello! High school ends at some point. And after that… what? Even if there’s no college, she has to get a job. The Slaying will be constant, but what about the other stuff? I mean, is she gonna hang around the Bronze until she turns into one of those scary women that think they’re cougars but are actually wildebeests? This is not a thing to strive for, Buff.

Of course, all these questions get a little more interesting at the end of the episode:

Why, hello #2!

This episode is a little hard to review on its own, especially since the questions asked in this episode are dealt with a little more completely in the next, but guys. Seriously, guys. GUYS. SERIOUSLY. There are two Slayers!

To be continued…


Stray observations:

  • Seriously, career fairs are bullshit.
  • “Now you know what it feels like, Stealth Guy.”
  • “I lurk.” 
  • Wait, wait… Why not police? Or some kind of self-defense teacher? The words “like a glove” come to mind.
  • “You know why? I am immature. I'm a teen. I have yet to mature.”
  • “Note to self: Religion, freaky.” Amen, sister.
  • Why would a religious sect even have a book of unspeakable evil—oh.
  • Okay, can we talk about how beautiful Bianca Lawson is? Her skin is flawless! Either her makeup artist has powers over Earth and Sky or she bathes in the blood of virgins.
  • ACK! No! No worms! Ever!
  • Does Angel pay rent? Does he hit up Ikea and Pier One on the weekends? Go antiquing? Does Angel have a bathroom? Is that a Tempur-Pedic?!
  • Hi, Willy!
  • Really? That tiny lock is gonna keep Hulky McBeeferton trapped?
  • Will has frog fear, really? May I present people’s exhibit #1? And of course, people’s exhibit #2: What we have here, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is a filthy liar!
  • “You must be number two.” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!


  1. I love your questions on Angel's pad!!!!!

    Also, I am completely scandalized by Willow and the frog. What episode is that from? (we want to call our own shenanigans when we get there)

    1. That was Inca Mummy Girl. She's a liar of the filthy variety, isn't she? *nod*