Friday, January 13, 2012

Another addition to the family!


Another Buffy blog has risen to spread the gospel of our fearsome savior!

And at least 50% belongs to a friend of mine, so if you’re not afraid of spoilers (and really, if you are, it’s your own damn fault for not having watched before now), go ahead and check it out:

Once More, With Extreme Prejudice

Go, my children, and spread the love of the Slayer with you!


  1. Thank you mistress. I will gladly help you spread the word of our savior.

  2. Thank you for the plug! I just read through all of your blog (slow day at work) and am sufficiently intimidated. You are both hilarious and an adept deconstructor. I hope we can live up to, if not match, you in awesomeness and Buffy Revisiting Goodness.

  3. Goodness, if you're intimidated by ME, you'll be terrified of Mark over at Fragments Of My Imagination!

    I'm seriously glad that you guys joined the circuit (... That's how we say it, right? "The circuit"?), and I'm looking forward to reading your takes. I'm sure they'll be awesome, because it's almost impossible to NOT be awesome with such awesome source material.

    ... And can I say "awesome" any more?! Yes, I can: awesome.

  4. I've been reading some of his reviews and cowering under my desk in fear (don't tell my boss - very bad form for a receptionist to hide under the desk).

    Oh Daniel, what have we stumbled (stampeded) ourselves into?

  5. It helps to have a flashlight and stuffed animal.

    ... I've heard.