Tuesday, November 22, 2011

There’s a demon in the Internet

And it’s this guy:

Yee, right? Well, even more “yee!” is this entire fucking episode. You guessed it; it’s not a favorite. Hell, it’s not in the top 140.
Oh, there are bright spots. The Giles/Calendar interactions are funny, if only ‘cause flustered Giles is exceedingly adorable.

And while this episode focuses pretty obviously on the dangers of meeting strangers on the Internet (none of which is that they might be demons bent on world domination, though who knows these days, right?), there’s a neat little discussion on the dangers of the acquisition of knowledge in general. It’s not an accident that while Moloch is in the Internet in modern times, he’s in a book in the 15th century. A little learning is a dangerous thing, indeed.
Fritz, two things: (1) You’re a nutbar, and (2) knowledge is nothing without wisdom.
The demon, as Giles so succinctly put it, is acquiring knowledge without context.
But really, poor Willow.

First guy besides Xander she’s interested in turns out to be a big, honkin’ robot demon. It’s no wonder she—never mind. We’ll get to that.
For now, just enjoy the one good scene in the entire episode:

Stray observations:
  • Giles’ stance on computers in general is about the same way I feel about Kindles.
  • Buffy has a 2.8 GPA. Far from total ineptitude. She’s not dumb, okay?!
  • “Pop culture reference—sorry.”
  • “We’re literary!”
  • Aww, I remember when being online meant no one else got to make or receive a call!
  • Okay, let me get this straight—Moloch has minions that can build a body for him from scratch, make him look like anything at all… And he picks “horned demon robot.”
  • I cringe at every single Willow “break-up” line. Ugh.
  • I’m back! Be happy!


  1. Their lack of happy relationships was one of the few things the writers never lost sight of. The Scoobies were never happy in love... at least not for long.


  2. You know, I've always kind of liked this one. It's message is completely in your face but I found the episode entertaining in spite of that. Great summation of the episode and yes the Giles/Calendar stuff was the best part of the episode.


  3. It was hard to be angry about the relationship thing, too, 'cause it's not like we weren't warned. :-\

    And you're right, Blinvy, the episode does have its moments. The "how's my hair?" scene does make me laugh every time...