Sunday, November 6, 2011

A note on my impending absence (maybe)


Okay, I am gonna be skedaddling soon, to the sunny, orgasmic beaches of the Motherland, and I figure I should warn whomever’s out there actually reading my drivel.

I’m hoping to finish Season 1 before I go, and I am trying to swing WiFi when I get there, so that I can post drunken ramblings late at night, but that latter is kind of iffy, so… Season 2 may be a bit. Still, this’ll be an excellent chance for you phantom readers to send me suggestions. And questions. And to challenge my readings of episodes so far. I am committed to answering every single question, even if it’s with a shrug. It’ll  be a text shrug, but that counts, so there.

I realize Season 1 isn’t very deep as a Season, and it’s nowhere near the highest high of the series, but depending on how you look at it, we learn a lot from it. I’m trying to bring that to light.

Also, I’m thinking of adding end-of-season recaps/summaries, and maybe something along the lines of a Character Appreciation Post, where I honor a character with a full analysis based either on the season we’ve just watched, or the entire series. The only drawback I see with the latter is that I’d be spoiling the shit out of new watchers, so I’d have to give that some thought. Y’all let me know; I take suggestions.

So… yeah. I think that’s about it.

Try not to wreck the internet while I’m gone.

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  1. I am reading but i don't have any suggestions at the moment... kind of unusual for me.