Thursday, November 3, 2011

But… Cute guy! Teenager! Post-pubescent fantasies!


Never Kill a Boy on the First Date (try saying that three times fast) is one of many “juggle normal life with Slayer duties” episode. I ultimately like this episode, though, mainly because of the dialogue, which is pretty top-notch, but also because of Giles and Buffy’s final scene, in which he tells her about the sacrifices he’s had to make to become the book-loving, tweed enthusiast he is today.

It’s an episode about responsibilities. We see it in the opening scene, with Giles chiding Buffy about her prioritizing (or “prioritising,” as they’d spell it across the pond) during the staking, and even with the vamps, who decide to take a break from waiting for their vampy messiah to go grab a bite to eat.

Here’s Owen:

Owen is hot, but a bit… I don’t wanna say “tool,” but… actually, I do want to say “tool.” He’s a sensitive, doe-y eyed, blond hunk of a thing, and I find him completely boring. Dances with Wolves boring. It looks like all the excitement we’re gonna get come from Andrew Borba, psycho-vamp extraordinaire. You’re gonna wanna remember him for later, by the way, for when I get really into the nature of vamps and stuff. We’ll call him People’s Exhibit #2.

Anyway, the thing to note about this episode is how Buffy ultimately makes the right decisions. In the beginning she tries pretty hard to balance Owen and her duties, but when Owen shows a lack of… brains, really… by wanting to be involved with the dangerous parts of her life, Buffy knows enough to break it off. Her desire for a normal life does not mean she can put people in danger. Even dumbasses that want to be in danger.


Stray observations:

  • Giles actually forgets that he works in a library.
  • Owen broods for forty minutes straight—psh. Angel has him beat.
  • Do people really need parkas in California? How cold does it get near Santa Barbara?
  • Owen is like Riley 1.0. Blecch.
  • Okay, Giles, hon… If you can move the file cabinet, the vamps definitely can.
  • (courtesy of Temporarily Obsessive)
  • The Anointed sucks. He will continue to suck. Feel free to ignore him.
  • I love that ten-year old Giles’ choices for future professions were “fighter pilot” or “grocer.”


  1. Yeah, The Anointed blows.

    I've only seen the full run of the show once. I barely remember this episode. :/

  2. Don't worry, if you don't remember it, there are plenty of episodes that do what this one did well.

    The dialogue, though... I did laugh a couple of times. In the good way!

  3. In Coastal California we treasure times when the temp drops below 50f so we can wear the parkas, scarves, and hats that otherwise just take up space in our closets.


  4. ...You're all insane.

    Temperatures below 50F should be shunned.

  5. The first time I watched this episode I was eating ketchup-flavoured (or flavored, as you say across the pond) Ruffles. Every time I think of this episode now, I think of Ruffles. Ketchup.

    Mmmmm. Heinz. Ruffles.

  6. Ketchup-flavored chips? That could end up so horribly, horribly wrong...